Can you imagine? I believed the genotype result my parents told me, until I got the shock of my life as a grown lady😲🥺. THIS IS MY TRUE LIFE STORY!

Remember this tweet by popular Aproko Doctor ??

Welcome once again to this blog Today, we will be looking at a very sensitive topic “Genotype”.

I am sure you get to understand better as you read on.

A lot of people do not understand the importance of this topic. Relax, you will understand as you read on…that’s why I’m here for you.

Will I continue without explaining what genotype really means ? Nah.

In a layman’s language, genotype is a collection of genes. It is the genetic arrangement that makes up the traits that an organism inherited from its parents.

Let’s look at some examples of genotype; I’m sure you are familiar with some.

AA, AS, AC, SS, SC. A lot of us do not understand the compatibility of these genotypes.

When I say compatibility, I mean some mixtures of genotypes are compatible while some are not.

For better understanding, I’d attach the simple image below 

How can I know my genotype ? I’m sure you are asking that question already.

Now this is a tough question because a lot of persons carry the wrong information concerning their genotypes. A lot of people do not have the knowledge of confirming genotypes hence jump into the conclusion of the genotype they have been told by their parents.

Why is it necessary to confirm genotypes?

There are real life stories of individuals who thought they were a particular Genotype subsequent test was done hence different from the former. Mistakes can be made, no one is perfect neither is technology which is essential to confirm in like 2-3 places if possible. I am a living example ( genotype not exactly confirmed yet because I am yet to do my third confirmation as regards that ).

Here are real life examples. Please note: identity of concerned individuals have been withheld from being displayed to the public due to sensitive issues. Also, permission has been taken from concerned individuals before posting on here.

Like I stated earlier, it’s essential to confirm your genotype, here is why.

Let’s take a look at another example

You also have to confirm your genotype to confirm compatibility with an intending partner. You do not want to bring an innocent child to suffer due to your negligence. If you do not understand, check the above compatibility chart.

Here is another sensitive example

It can be hurtful to break off from relationships due to this but it’s okay to safe the future now.
Real life story

Knowing your Genotype could help confirm your eligibility of clinical status, marital status, knowing what medication to avoid.

Please, do confirm your Genotype. Do not bring an innocent child to suffer if you are not compatible with your respectable partner.

Also, save yourself the negligence by confirming so as to be more aware about your health status.

Visit a Laboratory scientist today, confirm your status and be self aware. Your health is very important. Safe lives too.

For questions, suggestions or feedbacks, do send in the comment section.

Once again, thank you for turning up to this weeks health post.

Registered Nurse Adegboye.

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