Love Story so sweet: ‘How We Met’ with Mrs Ujah

Before you all will go and leave me to my single life, going out and eating 藍, let me quickly bring this and for us that will be doing awwn ,so we can have space. Lol

No long talk, its gist i bring o. Love gist… “How we met” series will soon be a thing on this blog, send me an email if you want to participate please.

Ehen, una like story, these ones I am saying ,you want to hear gist. Quick thing o…she married her lecturer … are you ready

Faith Adegboye: Can we meet you ma?

Mrs Ujah: I am Mrs Grace Ujah, a public health graduate and presently a turban and hair accessories maker.

 Faith Adegboye: Nice to meet you 

How do you feel been here ma and how for how long have you been married?

Mrs  Grace Ujah: I really feel honoured being on Faithful writes and I’ve been married for about 6 months

Faith Adegboye: Awwwn

How did you graciously meet your husband ?

Can you share with us ma?

Mrs Grace Ujah: Hmmmm that’s a long one

Faith Adegboye: We will wait for it

Mrs Grace Ujah: Okay, I actually saw my husband for the first time during a freshers orientation meeting, organised by my fellowship when I just gained admission to study chemistry in the University of Calabar.

Mrs Grace Ujah: As an academic staff in the university and fellowship, he was invited to speak to us in one of the sessions.

During that meeting, I must say I was amazed and really touched by the personality of this person who was speaking to us. What made it more interesting was that he looked like my senior brother.

 Faith Adegboye: Truly he does o

Mrs Grace Ujah: Yeah people say that.

Faith Adegboye: Wow! What an orchestration, I am sure we want to know more

How did lines start to fall in pleasant places?

Mrs Grace Ujah: After the meeting that day, I didn’t have an opportunity to speak to him. He didn’t know me at that time at all, and I only saw him some times during fellowship meetings. At this time I was in year one and was even considering switching to a new dept, so ‘will of God’ was actually the last thing on my mind.

Faith Adegboye: But you liked him already?

Mrs Grace Ujah: Actually I admired and liked him, he had this gentle demeanor which I liked

 Faith Adegboye: Awwn. Let me comport myself

Faith Adegboye: Any flashes whatsoever of maybe he could be ‘the one’ even when it was just year 1? Or you were able to do away with the likeness?

Mrs Grace Ujah: Well, that first day I saw him something deep registered on my mind, but I didn’t give it much thought due to the fact I wanted to concentrate on my studies and wasn’t ready for anything.

 It was like a deep impression in my mind

Mrs Grace Ujah: After some time I changed departments and had to be away for some time.When I resumed, I met him in church one day and he was like, “Hello I’ve not being seeing you around, what happened?”and I told him what had happened.

Faith Adegboye: Hmmmn. Awwn, Oga has been paying attention

Faith Adegboye: One day we will have his side of the story with a video . Somebody shout ‘AMEN’

Mrs Grace Ujah: Seriously Oga was in a relationship then, so I wasn’t on his mind, but not long after he ended the relationship, as at then we were just ‘hi , hello’ brethren in church.

Mrs Grace Ujah: I felt sick at some point during the semester, and I was admitted. When I got well, bro saw me one day and was like “where have you been, I have been  looking for you, can I have your number please?” This is something he rarely does.

 Faith Adegboye: Wawu. Shooting straight shot.

So, going forward he called once in a while to check up. I got to know later that he had deep concern for me.

Mrs Grace Ujah: Just a little side of bro’s story for proper understanding;

 At this time, God was dealing with bro too. He was actually not interested in me at all as at then, because he was ready for marriage and I was just in year one.  He was already having a deep impression in his own heart but he kept fighting it, because he didn’t want to wait.

Mrs Grace Ujah: In Fact, he said he was going to embark on a 3 days fasting and prayer to get me out of his mind, which he actually did but it didn’t work out  as he never had peace until he prayed and accepted it.

 Faith Adegboye: Hahahaha

Faith Adegboye: When did you both now know this is it?

Mrs Grace Ujah: He had to tell his parents and pastor. His parents didn’t like the idea at all but at this time he was sure he heard from God and stood his ground.

Faith Adegboye: Wow. Of course since you were still in year 1.

Mrs Grace Ujah: Okay back to me now, I was also troubled in my spirit because I had this deep impression that he was the one for me, I had to seek God’s face and I got confirmation, but at this time just my pastor knew about it and my Sister.

 He had to wait till I finished school before we proceeded further and voila here we are today.

Faith Adegboye: Wow

Can you share a bit of the confirmation, even if it is one?

Mrs Grace Ujah: Well for me firstly I had this deep, I mean very deep impression that he was the one, and I had peace about it like a river. Each time I went to God in prayer I always got the same answer, absolute peace of mind and joy.

Funny enough, the names I had admired and wished for my first baby was exactly what he had in mind too. 

Faith Adegboye: Hmmmn!

Briefly, so that it won’t all be story and story, can you share what it means to hear God in the area of marriage? My mum says it’s not that a big deal藍 but the fear of not missing it sometimes ehn

Mrs Grace Ujah: Okay, God actually speaks to everyone in different ways, you just have to be sensitive. Like your mum said it’s not difficult, just be sincere with God and he will speak to you in the best way you will understand

Sometimes some people wait for dreams and visions or one very spiritual something like that but that may not be it.

 You can’t put God in a box

The major thing is whatever he tells you must align with His word, everyone I mean His Children please.

Faith Adegboye: Hmmmn, deep

Mrs Grace Ujah: Yeah, so that’s it

Faith Adegboye: Thanks a lot for  coming on board. Someday soon, we will get an extensive gist on it

But before you go, 

It was a long term thing, I am assuming you both were aware already and waited to finish school

What were you doing during the waiting period , how did you deal with temptations?

Mrs Grace Ujah: The truth is temptations actually came, but at some point we had to set boundaries that would help us

 Faith Adegboye: Glory to GOD

Thank you so much for your time ma.

My people, have you learnt anything? Share and gist with us in the comment section below. Happy to read from you.

Author: Faith Adegboye

ADEGBOYE FAITH is a Spirit-filled daughter of God who is passionate about a consistent personal relationship with the Father. She is a Medical Laboratory Scientist, budding photographer, designer, speaker, blogger, singer and counselor. She is also the originator of, which covers all aspects of spirituality, health, etc generally with the goal of insuring her corner. She's an award winning writer; winning the 3rd place position at Deraconteur's Writers Club writing course (1.0)

18 Replies to “Love Story so sweet: ‘How We Met’ with Mrs Ujah

  1. I enjoyed this particular episode.. I admire the brother’s patience.

    Wow, it pays to trust in God…

    (any lecturer in the building, )

    May God keep this union going strong. Amen

  2. Me I sha love ❤️ love stories nitemi. God thanks for this beautiful home with Cute Bobo and beautiful Bae. Thanks for encouraging small girl like me.

    Thank you also Mama Faithful (Jojos)

  3. Sadly, I did not learn anything. I learnt many things.

    In summary, the part where Mrs Ujah talked about some waiting for ‘dreams and visions or one very strong spiritual something’ is quite relatable.

    Sometimes, we displace God’s deep impressions on our hearts as a confirmation of His will for us as ‘mere feelings.’

    Big thanks to Mrs Ujah for sharing her story with us. Special thanks to Miss Faith for publishing it for us.

  4. Number one…
    They are fine gaan o
    Now lessons,
    Kai, the brother tried o, really was patient …
    If it’s the will of God it will not pass you by, just wait on God and trust in him, he has you in mind he will keep what is for you.
    And I learnt to freely let God speak, not waiting for a particular way for him to lead.

    God bless you faithful writes

  5. “Setting boundaries” hits deeper because your relationship with God should supercede all and those “boundaries” helps not to break that…thank you ma

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