The hustle is real

This was me few months back, my head battled with that statement up there.

As you have passed out today and for many that will still pass out from the NYSC Program, I know the questions you are hearing now is ‘WHAT NEXT?’ , as if the people asking even cares to know or help you actualize your plans, humans will be humans.

The next thing that can disturb you too is ‘don’t go home, stay back and find your life there’

I wish I could say stories but please don’t be pressured by trying to be independent and then be in the valley of frustration when God has prepared a better place even at home.

I told my parents I wasn’t going to return home so quickly, that’s the norm. I wanted to be a ‘big girl’ by myself, when God finally pushed me, I still doubted.

I remember when I got to Lagos and I heard few stories of my friends who were staying back to be independent, I started feeling guilty. I messaged a big brother of mine instantly and asked ‘is it childish that I’m going home?’

He replied me ‘ go as God wants you’ He said he went back home after he finished NYSC even when he was already old and wouldn’t be normal to go eat mum’s food, yes he felt bad but in that long run ,the big paying job he is in now was God using his parents for him

What if home , the people around home will be God’s path for you in getting it?

Don’t laugh at me


Others may stay back, they might have heard God for that decision but dont dwell in struggle and frustration because you didn’t go home and just want to be fine by yourself.

Destiny helpers doesn’t exclude your parents, family friends, etc.

I could go on and on but I leave you with the book of Ruth chapter 1 in the Bible and also ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your understanding, He shall direct your path’

No one understands the path you should follow like God, not your family, not your friends, not your understanding of how your life should go.

YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO WALK BY CHANCE ,WALK WITH GOD!(Coined from my book ‘walking with God by chance’) which is also on this blog. It’s a free download.

Resist every pressure and walk with God one step at a time.

Ask God in prayers ‘WHAT NEXT, WHERE NEXT?’ Wherever He leads, go.

Congratulations and congratulations in advance.

You are permitted to share to as many that needs it, copy the text ,no problem, send the link, whatever means God lays in your heart.

Written by Faith Adegboye
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Author: Faith Adegboye

ADEGBOYE FAITH is a Spirit-filled daughter of God who is passionate about a consistent personal relationship with the Father. She is a Medical Laboratory Scientist, budding photographer, designer, speaker, blogger, singer and counselor. She is also the originator of https://faithfulwrites.com, which covers all aspects of spirituality, health, etc generally with the goal of insuring her corner. She's an award winning writer; winning the 3rd place position at Deraconteur's Writers Club writing course (1.0)

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