Whether you’ll succeed or fail at an assignment/goal starts from your mind. As much as there’s a great power in the mind, it’s also important to know that it is a battlefield, and you can either overcome or be overcame.

Ifeoluwa Olajide, podcaster

At times, after setting your mind rightly concerning a goal, doubts and feeling of unworthiness, seasons of fear, tendency to compare yourself or your success to others may come. Unfortunately these negative thoughts may cost you your precious dreams, or make you stop halfway into success if not properly managed and disregarded.

How then do you fight the battle of the mind?
Before you can move something, you’ll need a stronger move.

Thankfully, you don’t have to start looking for this stronger force, because “IT’S IN YOU”.
First and foremost, you’ve to find out the nature of the battle going on in your mind. Is it that of fear, doubt, impatience, jealousy, or envy. You must be able to pinpoint the root of that battle.

Secondly, you’ll have to find out how to tackle the battle. If it’s that of fear, it’s simple to overcome. After all, fear is false evidence appearing real. You’ll have to bring yourself to truthfully believe that your fears are just shadows, and you don’t have to worry about anything.

As a believer, you should also cast it out, because fear is a whole spirit, and I know it will flee from you.
If it’s doubt, you’ll need to encourage/appreciate yourself. Think about your past successes, it will give you hope for what you’re presently going

Through. Also, if you can get someone to look up to in that particular area, or a true friend who can encourage you.
If it’s jealousy or envy, you’ll have to take your mind off people’s success and concentrate on yours.

Do not measure your success with someone’s yardstick. Know that people run their race of success at their own pace.
It’s also important not to compare yourself with others. It’s a different thing when someone inspires you, and another when you feel threatened by their success.

In addition, you’ve to be intentional about your thoughts. That you’ve casted out all those spirits doesn’t mean they wouldn’t resurface, but you’ll have to guard your heart against these thoughts. Anytime the negative thoughts come, confess positive words audibly, for example, “if I’ve come this far, then I wouldn’t turn back”, “I do not fear anything, I can do all that I set my mind on”, “I’m an achiever and not a failure”, “I can and I will”, etc.

Above all I’ve mentioned, the word of the Lord is still the best thing you can use to overcome the battle of the mind. It has all the promises, words of encouragement you may need. Get the scriptures that addresses what you’re going through, apply it with faith, and you’ll come out victorious.
Prayer is also important, there’s nothing it can’t do.

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Finally, believe in yourself, because no one can do that for you. You can also read books, listen to recordings that addresses what you’re doing through.

You can also speak to someone who can do justice to it. Your association is also important, do not surround yourself with people that make you feel less important, those who see negativity in situations. Get the right association.

Olajide Ifeoluwa

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Author: Faith Adegboye

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  1. Beautiful write-up. Really captivating. The opening words “your mind is the battlefield” reminded me of a powerful book I read authored by Morris Cerrullo. Thanks for blessing me this faithful morning.

  2. This writeup is really inspiring. Just yesterday, I applied the last paragraph

    Thank you for sharing. I learnt a lot!

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