Generational Prayers While Waiting!

You are God’s gift to me, I must let you know that. I don’t take your constant reading from this blog for granted. Yes you! You are blessed and settled on all sides.

I was led to share a personal prayer point here, I have had this write up since last year but never had the urge to put it out but it’s here now.

I was speaking to my dad last year on the phone and we were talking about my academics ,then we further went on to talk about how I assimilate and how vast my memory can be in retentiveness.

I told him all my travails of how I read, personally I have to read over and over and over again to assimilate things.

If I am to write an examination, I read the course of study over again to get it sticking to my brain, how stressful right? Some people are blessed with reading just once, I’m happy I got to know how best to read though.

My dad exclaimed ‘you took it from me’. Really, I could get such trait from my parents too, not just health wise things.

Then it dawned on me that the yoke must be broken, he told me he had to pray if off because it was already seeming like a frustration then. I knew my eye had been clear too, I must do something.

My attention was also drawn to the fact that there are traits in our parents that might be affecting their marriage, a trait they too inherited.

You know that trait in mummy that you don’t like, it’s in you too dominant or recessive.

You don’t like the way she addresses things, you see that he gets angry at the children at the slightest provocation or you see that mum goes into mood swings too much, procrastination, nonchalant attitude, check yourself too.

Sometimes you will need to observe them well or ask questions so you know how to pray specifically

If it is not a virtue, it’s a vice, pray it off!

While waiting for that God sent person for marriage, you can not afford to have vices instead of virtues.

All those traits you see now ‘jumping into conclusion, getting angry easily, shouting at people’ ,they are not virtues. Even more than marriage, those traits can affect your academics, relationships, etc just like it was affecting my academics.

Settle the baggage before he or she comes. Even if you are yet to say ‘I do’ ,don’t say ‘I’m not perfect, he or she will accept me like that’.

There’s a possibility that whatever is affecting your parent’s marriage can be the same challenge you will face, you have heads up already, you must pray now.

Whatever besetting sin you see now in you, best believe one of your parents have dealt with it, communicate with them, observe and pray it off.

Your marriage will not fail. Amen

Thanks for reading.

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2 Replies to “Generational Prayers While Waiting!

  1. My marriage will not fail! Amin. Thanks for sharing.
    I thought I was the only one that sometimes delay in posting a write up until I feel a nudge in my Spirit to share. I just discussed this with a writer friend some minutes ago.
    Once again, thanks for sharing.
    You’re doing great sis.
    Ki Oluwa ran wa lowo.

    1. The Holy Spirit only has to give the final say for the timing. I wanted to shoot a video I thought would be needed until He changed it for me and I shouted another.

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