Accountability Partner or Your Fault?

Personally, I have noticed nothing makes me do anything except I decide to.

I have heard of accountability partner, but it doesn’t just work.

I don’t know if it’s a problem of not accepting corrections or just not letting anyone talk to me about a thing I have in my heart to do.

I am not the type you can monitor or care so much about that I won’t be nonchalant about it still.

Well, let’s just say, I have come to the conclusion that no external force can make me do things except I am challenged on the inside.

I wait till I have pains in my heart about something before I take up the challenge, and even if I have heard ‘start, do this’, I still don’t see myself starting.

I don’t know if there are people like me, but I’m writing to that 1 out of 100, if you need to be in a ‘sad state ‘ to get yourself challenged positively, pls do.

It’s your fault.

If you need to be your own hype woman or hype man to get things done, pls do.

Yes, there are great people around you but people can’t always push you, they have their lives even the best companion.

Wake up to that burden in your heart and pursue it.

It has made you cry, cry and act.

Repeat why you have to stand up to yourself, remind yourself what will happen if you don’t stand up, see the future that awaits beaming with smiles if you stand up.

Stand Now!

This is probably the shortest I have written on this blog.

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6 Replies to “Accountability Partner or Your Fault?

  1. It’s hard truth, no else will suffer but me if I fail to motivate myself… not my mother not my friend or anyone I have mentally tasked with the role of motivating me, it will be just me.

  2. I can relate with not having accountability partners not because I don’t react to push but because I don’t like any other person in my business like that.
    Because of this, I have grown to be my own motivation, listen to the spirit of God in me to motivate me.

    Kudos to this writer
    Thank you faithfulwrites for bring it to us.

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