‘Jealousy, jealousy o’ that’s what I can be called sometimes. But it’s not my fault na, I took it from my Father in heaven jare.

Should I open Bible for you to confirm? I know you will tell me, his was a godly jealousy and not one that most ladies have against men in their lives when we watch movies. Before you conclude and having imaginations in your head about what kind mine is, read below my story

On social media, I see people doing things for themselves, but you know people always say ‘don’t be moved, bla bla’. But when it’s your own person, your age group, something will move inside of you. I don’t think I’m lying about that.

Years back, I saw my friends doing so much in volunteering, fulfilling purpose and how they were all over social media space like the WhatsApp. Tell me, if it were you ,won’t you ask yourself ‘what am I doing?’

Especially that moment you knew this was something birthing in you and someone else has started it before you or doing great with it already …hehehehe

Another time, these ones, I didn’t even know them personally but they were church members and on Facebook, they owned it. They were young, their posts were having likes and comments, growing blogs and all. Call it pressure, it’s you that know o… who doesn’t like good thing?

Other times, I saw people I know start up businesses and were thriving, making money at a young age. What on earth am I doing? I think that’s my own pressure. You can call it, not being contended or preach about how it’s their time, etc.

Maybe I’m not alright, I also I’m not comfortable when I see a young man on fire for God, the deal breaker is a young woman who is making waves in ministry, kai!

I was in a service one day, this young corper, maybe not young but at least he is a corper, preached and prayed. While he entered, I felt the presence of God myself and when he started, there was a move of the power of God.

Hey! Now you can call what I have ‘godly jealousy ‘ that’s what I termed it after all. I kept asking myself ‘ what are they doing that I’m not doing?’

Is it Biblical? Yes, the Bible said covet good gifts. All I’ve mentioned are good things, if you agree with me.

While I asked myself, I conversed with another person in the congregation after the program, I was told the corper spends much time in prayer, reading the word because if you heard how he was quoting scriptures without opening the Bible, giving explanations, going from Old to New testament. I was wowed.

If you say I was pressured, I want that kind of pressure always. That pressure made me take some steps.

Like I said, I conversed with someone close to him to know his secret. That’s what we should not be afraid of doing.

You like what someone is doing and somehow you feel the need in you to want to be like them, why do you now feel bad about it? If God has dropped the idea in your heart, it should be something to work on.

1. Ask questions

For all examples which are true life stories, I asked all of them questions, directly or indirectly. I remember messaging someone who was good at volunteering and holding conferences for young girls, and she was ready to help out with giving information.

Starting up to write well and improve my blog, whenever I see another blogger on my WhatsApp status making waves, young or old, I send message straightaway to be guided on how they got there and that has helped me this year alot.

That’s where my own jealousy has gotten me. It has cost me coming out of my shell, spread and make connections with known and unknown.

Aks Google too, there are videos on how to grow in that path you have chosen. If you can’t get people to ask from, Google never disappoints. In photography, I’ve had to watch YouTube videos sometimes on how to edit pictures.

If you are told to pay for mentoring, classes, etc. Do not complain, knowledge is money, at least you paid in school. Whether he or she is your friend, you have to pay when told to pay. I have paid for almost every step I have had to make except ministry, well it’s still payment but not just money, sacrificing time to Study the word, pray more even when not used to it.

Literally, extraordinary comes with being extra, which can come with cash at hand. Save up to be better if you are not buoyant enough.

Many people feel down, you see your mates making waves and you desire to do likewise, ask him or her already.

2. What even is it?

The same pressure or godly jealousy can quicken some thoughts in you. What even is it? What is it in you that can help you get to where you want to be ? You admire so many of them yet you feel down for not knowing what lies in you.

I have been there, what did I do? This time around, I didn’t ask my friends, instead I was discerning enough to hear my friends.

That friend that keeps telling you that you will make a good orator, or a business owner, you are being teased that you do so well in marketing or your drama as a lifestyle. Auntie and uncle, wake up! That’s it!!

If you don’t have people around you like such which I doubt, then ask your friends to point out what they think you are best at doing, jokingly or not.

Some of them might make mockery of you and they tell you, you like to make us laugh, you have a good sense of humour is what they see as your strength, people have turned this to being MCs of event and you are there watching some of them, feeling like you could also do this. Yes, you can also do it.

3. Celebrate

Celebrate who you learn from, be humble enough to learn too. Don’t carry shoulder up because you feel you should have started before them since the idea came long ago. When you celebrate other’s works, your turn will be easy to do by other people too.

4 . Watch

You can also watch closely if you can’t ask. Jot down the information they release subtly and work on it.

When I wanted to start designing for businesses, I would let designs of people catch my attention. I notice every bit of their strengths, I check back my designs on what I can add and learn my mistakes. Search up other’s works closely.

You will also be blessed if you have friends who are making it to an extent and can share their platforms for you to grow, which builds self confidence and gives you audience.

Nothing much to add to this. Ask that question now, develop on it, see you on top.

If you have no need to be ‘pressured’ positively yet and you are just satisfied, it’s no problem. This is for people who see a higher calling of purpose and are ready to answer the call.

Truth is, you don’t have to write a book, start a comedy show, be a business owner before you become fulfilled like others you see, but hey, you can be better at that level you are.

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Author: Faith Adegboye

ADEGBOYE FAITH is a Spirit-filled daughter of God who is passionate about a consistent personal relationship with the Father. She is a Medical Laboratory Scientist, budding photographer, designer, speaker, blogger, singer and counselor. She is also the originator of https://faithfulwrites.com, which covers all aspects of spirituality, health, etc generally with the goal of insuring her corner. She's an award winning writer; winning the 3rd place position at Deraconteur's Writers Club writing course (1.0)


  1. This is amazing! Thing is, at one point or the other in our lives, we all have this ‘godly jealousy’ as you put it, lol… Only that we fail to admit it even to ourselves probably because we’re somewhat careful it doesn’t graduate to envy. My sister, truly it is good to be ‘Godically jealous’ about good good things in this life – there comes the ‘biblical covetousness’ which i believe can in a way be realized even through little ‘faithy’ proclamation and declaration . Thanks for sharing.

  2. What happens when this jealousy affects your self esteem? I see people who are doing better than I am and desire the same thing but what it does to me is take a piece out of own self esteem. It takes time and a little bit of pep talk to fix my esteem back. Most times what I do is stay out of people’s business. Stay on my lane and try to shield myself from the ‘better offs’
    Do you get?

    1. Hmmm, I get you sis. I can say this has happened to me, you feel you are not doing enough, too down that you could do same things yet…relax. To talk to that esteem, beating down that self esteem is having a high esteem and for you too feel that, you have to get what you desire, which boils down to asking such persons.

  3. Hmm… Godly Jealousy, not the one that causes chest pain.
    Lord, help to take a further than just having the Godly Jealousy, but to seek for what and how to do. God bless you for this post

  4. This is apt! May God give me the grace to not only covet but emulate those good things‍♀️‍♀️

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