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Today, we have someone dear to me. She has believed so much in me and I’ve been blessed by her a couple of times. She is a writer and author of “LET IT SLIDE ”

Let us let her introduce herself.

Faithfulwrites: Glad to have you here, beautiful sister.

Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Dunsin: Thank you sis ❣

It’s a great privilege to be here and I’m not taking it for granted.

My name is Ogundeji Oluwadunsin Faith. I hail from Ondo State. I am from a family of five, meaning that I have two siblings.

I’m a writer and an author.

I’m purpose driven and passionate about God and service in His vineyard.

Faithfulwrites: I know you are the founder of ‘addicted lovers’. What engineered you into it and what’s your drive for finding such deep purpose at this early age?

Dunsin: God has a way of dealing with us personally especially if He wants to use us.

He practically dealt with me at an early stage of life. He made me pass through some strange and uncommon phases to be able to handle the vision He’s entrusting me with. (That’s one main reason that engineered me into finding purpose at this early age of life)

And for “Addicted lovers”…The vision is raising a sexually pure generation for an heaven on earth home”

We are in a generation where pre-marital sexual activities is the order of the day and keeping oneself sexually pure till marriage looks like an old school thing.

The vision is to make young folks come to the realization that it’s a biblical precept that must be followed and they can keep themselves sexually pure (according to Heb 13:4) and still have an heaven on earth relationship /courtship /marriage.

Faithfulwrites: Hmm, heaven on earth kind of relationship goal. Today, it’s about our emotions. What do you understand by emotions? Is it right to feel emotional over certain things as a Christian?

Dunsin: #Exhales deeply#

Emotions are inherent abilities inside us that helps us to respond to people and our environments in general.

It’s absolutely normal to feel emotional as Christians. That we’re Christians doesn’t remove the fact that we’re humans. It’s normal as humans to feel.

And that we’re spirit beings doesn’t remove the fact that we are in a compartment called “The body”

So to me, it’s absolutely normal to feel emotional over certain things.

Faithfulwrites: Hmmn, this is deep! Thanks for enlightening us this much. Can we say even God has emotions? To me, I think God felt something in him ,a burden, love for the world to send down his Son to us. What can you say to that?

Dunsin: Yes of course. God has emotions. Of course, when we say that God has emotions, we are saying that He has emotions like we do.

We have to understand that what we are seeing in Scripture is God relating to us in terms we can understand – and this includes God having emotions.

But, the emotions that God has are perfect and without fault, without sin, and are always appropriate. Since we are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-28), then we to have emotions. However, because we are affected by sin, our emotional expression is often accompanied by improper motives. Therefore, we very often misuse our emotional abilities.

For example, we could be unrighteously angry with someone. We could desire to have what someone else has and so covet. We can lust too. Emotions are good because they’re created by God. But our emotions are touched by sin, whereas, God’s emotions are not.

Let’s take a look at some of the emotions that God displays.

God gets angry(Psalm 106″40)
God loves (John 3:16)
God hates (psalm 5:5)
God has compassion (Exo 33:19)
God expresses joy (Zaph 3:17)

Faithfulwrites: Let’s make things personal if you don’t mind, I know being emotional varies, do you think you are on the high side? What are the things that have made you emotional at some points?

Dunsin: To an extent I’ll say that, my emotional life is not on the high side now unlike before(years back) because I’ve taken enough time to work on my emotions.

I don’t unnecessarily get angry again.

I don’t catch unnecessary feelings. #smile#

Faithfulwrites: I smile wildly too. Yes, I have been there catching unnecessary feelings. You are not alone o!

Faithfulwrites: The real deal of this discussion is pertaining to the ‘gimgim’ young ones who desire to start relationships early and sometimes, get to befriend some sets of people not really sane for their minds.

Regarding that, is it weird to be emotional and wanting companionship?

Dunsin: It’s not weird to be emotional and wanting companionship.

Everyone needs someone or should I say that companionship at some particular stages of lives.

But as much as you face “gimgim” (Which everyone faces at the early years), there’s a place of controlling it (putting it under subjection according to the Scriptures). Having the ability to deal with it.


Faithfulwrites: Welcome back! I still have her here, don’t be afraid (smiles). Ma’am, you were saying something before the break.

Dunsin: Wanting to love and be loved (so to say) is very normal but one has to be really careful in handling that particular feeling (“Gimgim”) because most times, it’s not as sane as we think it is.

Faithfulwrites: True talk, so as much as you feel the gimgim, how have you been able to curb it? Can we feel safe only having Holy Spirit as the best companion.

Dunsin: This is where the place of “discipline” comes in.

Of course…. The “Holy Spirit” is there to help us. He’s our present help in time of need. He’s the best companion too. But we need to be very disciplined and not just jump into the hand of anyone despite the fact that our emotions and everything in us wants companionship.

Dunsin: Before going into a relationship, we must be sane enough to handle everything that comes with it and that entails emotional stability.

Sincerely, everyone out there wants a relationship( someone who would always be there) but that’s not the key to having the best companioniship because what happens when those set of people hurt you so badly?

Faithfulwrites: From what you have said;

What is the key to having the best companionship?

What is the key to being strong despite being emotional?

Dunsin: The key to having the best companionship is first having a great one (companionship) with the Holy Spirit. Afterwards, discovering oneself is key. Then, know your emotional level #smile#. Then start working on yourself.

The key to being strong is personal development. No one grows strong in a day. We strive to look beyond that emotional part of us and face the real deal.

Faithfulwrites: Hmmn,Deep!
Personally, I have learnt more than I thought I would.

Thanks for coming over to grace the first edition of our interview on the blog.

A final word maybe? 😉

Dunsin: Final word maybe? 😄😄

It’s not weird or bad to be emotionally weak especially when life throws some challenges at you but you must be deliberate about making such moment count, don’t stay in your space for too long, talk to anyone who cares to listen, share with people who needs to be encouraged.

Be intentional about getting the best out of any fierce situation….

Been strong is not just a word, it comes with action and funny enough, you can’t be the judge of that.

Note that everyone around you are also going through difficult moments, so you are not the only one in it 😄😄😄😄. Don’t kill yourself in that little one you are going through now because it’s just small compared to what life still has in stock for you. Overcoming one builds up a greater/bigger shell to overcome another.

Thank you so much for your time.

I do not take this for granted at all.

Faithfulwrites: The last statement got me! “overcoming one builds up a greater shell to overcome another ”

Thank you for your patience ma’am.

I know we have learnt so much that I don’t feel like adding to the already said things.

Be blessed as you like, comment and share.

Author: Faith Adegboye

ADEGBOYE FAITH is a Spirit-filled daughter of God who is passionate about a consistent personal relationship with the Father. She is a Medical Laboratory Scientist, budding photographer, designer, speaker, blogger, singer and counselor. She is also the originator of https://faithfulwrites.com, which covers all aspects of spirituality, health, etc generally with the goal of insuring her corner. She's an award winning writer; winning the 3rd place position at Deraconteur's Writers Club writing course (1.0)


  1. Inspired! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We ain’t just living our lives for ourselves alone. We have to remain strong. And I think being strong entails making the wisest decisions; that we have to be deliberate about. In everything, there’s room for growth. God help us!

  2. Inspiring!

    Staying strong is the best thing one could ever get and we shouldn’t allow our emotions to control us or get over us.

  3. Hmmm… This write up is deep… know your emotional level and be intentional and determined to work on yourself, most important with God’s help…
    Thank you and God bless you sis faithfulwrites and big Congratulations to you on your new apartment

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