How often do we go to God after a blessing we have been expecting has come? Surprised right? Hasn’t he answered me after all these years?
Some blessings can be a disguise especially when the devil knows it’s something you have been waiting for.

I’ve heard stories of ‘marital breakthrough’ when they had highlight of who it could be and oh it seemed it was the right one . The verse of there’s a way that seems right… has been coming of recent and to think some seemingly right things acting as blessings are not so blessings per say. I can call them distraction to the best coming forth.

Before you share that awesome testimony after one day of receiving it, why not ask God?
Whatsoever is from God will give you peace of mind, that job, that man that looks like you have gotten convictions about but has taken long to come has now finally come. Is it from you Lord?

I got this prayer point while dealing with a similar issue, after racking my brain..oh dear, you can’t figure out deep things of God with your intellect.
Some things will prove difficult to let go or say no to even after you’ve been expecting it but a prayer point dropped on my mind.

Dear Lord, except it’s your will, it shall not stand”

God begins to do the work from there when we give him the right position in our lives. Moment when I seem to be confused, I sometimes relate my issues with friends but I don’t take for granted deep conversations with the Holy Spirit, I keep calling him until he gives me the right prayer to pray so God can start to work.

The Holy Spirit helps us to pray , when you open your mouth wide to let God fill you with the right prayers to ascend the throne, from there he shows you great and mighty things which thou know not.

The first thing to do is to open your mouth, say it as it comes. Release yourself to the Holy Spirit to teach you the right prayer point and be attentive to what He shows you thereafter so you can obey.

Let God let you pray.
Romans 8:26
[26]Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.

Develop the habit of asking God when something good comes your way, “IS IT YOUR WILL OR A DISTRACTION?”

Have a blessed day!

Author: Faith Adegboye

ADEGBOYE FAITH is a Spirit-filled daughter of God who is passionate about a consistent personal relationship with the Father. She is a Medical Laboratory Scientist, budding photographer, designer, speaker, blogger, singer and counselor. She is also the originator of, which covers all aspects of spirituality, health, etc generally with the goal of insuring her corner. She's an award winning writer; winning the 3rd place position at Deraconteur's Writers Club writing course (1.0)

8 Replies to “MY BLESSING, GOD’S NO!

  1. Compare with Genesis 24:12 – 52

    I don’t know if this will go because I’m not familiar with replying the comments.
    Nevertheless, from the Scripture u pointed out, there was an instruction from God already for the wife to be chosen, he was told where to go ,his path was directed by God. There was nothing to question God for, even after he found her, he had a confirmation and he said surely this is from God meaning he didn’t just carry her to his master.

  2. Lord, let me know when it’s your will and when it’s a distraction… God bless you Faithy !

  3. This is actually a serious matter o. Your will or distraction. Ah God, help us.
    Let Satan not deceive us finish.
    If it is not your will, daddy, remove it, I say uproot it o.
    Mi o fe

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