Pray Specifically

There are so many times we are in prayer meetings and yet we don’t pray in a concerned way. I want you to know that Christ is willing to answer all believers and even when he has said he knows the desires of our heart before we ask, he still said ASK.

Don’t you think there is a vital reason?

Take this scenario of a father who has 9 children and definitely loves all of them but of course he knows the general needs of the children and not so much of their personal needs which he expects them to speak about. Any of them who goes to their willing father asking for that specific request will get but anyone who feels he should not, would not get.

I, as an example was that kind of child until I began to open up my special needs to my parents though they provided basic needs but I was too timid to ask for special things while my little sister got all.

The physical transcends to the spiritual

Ask God that particular request in prayer. Do not say “Father, provide for my needs” .Pls, which need?

Cultivate the habit and you will see his specific answers regarding the request.

Adegboye Faith

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Author: Faith Adegboye

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